Seating in our venues will be laid out in line with the UK Government’s COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the festival. At present we are operating a socially distanced seating plan with all seating bubbles at least 1 metre apart. Should guidance change closer to the festival, it is likely that seats currently blocked out will be released for sale.

If you are choosing your seats below on a reserved seating plan, you will need select to purchase all seats within a seating bubble (you cannot buy 1 seat in a bubble of 2 seats). You will need to ensure that everyone sitting together in a bubble of seats, forms a group which is in line with present government guidance.

If you are requesting seats below on an unreserved seating plan, then you can select the appropriately sized seating bubble for your group. However, you will again need to make sure that Government guidance is followed, because everyone you book for will be seated together as one bubble.

If you cannot find reserved seating to fit the needs of your booking, or you require any other assistance please call the ticket office on 01452 768928 (Monday-Friday, 10am until 4pm) or email [email protected]

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We are sorry but we cannot find the event you are looking for.

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