Select from the Items below to supplement your Three Choirs Festival ticket order.

Elgar Notelets

A set of five luxury note cards with different images of the iconic English composer, Elgar.


Elgar's Inspired Golf by Richard Baxter Townshend

(The RBT of the Enigma Variations)

A golfing classic, transcribed and edited with some Elgarian interludes, by Kevin Allen.


Gloucester 2019 Souvenir Programme Book

If didn't purchase your 'Festival Souvenir Programme Book' whilst in Gloucester this summer, then here is your chance!


I Saw Eternity the Other Night by Timothy Day

The sound of the choir of King's College, Cambridge - its voices perfectly blended, its emotion restrained, its impact sublime - has become famous all over the world and, for many, the distillation of a certain kind of Englishness. How did a small band of men and boys in a famous fenland town in England come to sing in the extraordinary way that they do?


Hereford 2018 Cover Image Souvenir Mugs

Your opportunity to purchase one of our festival souvenir mugs, sporting the eye catching cover image used for the 2018 festival brochure and souvenir programme book.

Reduced price of £5.00 (as in this summer's Gloucester Festival shop).


Three Choirs Festival: A History

Purchase your copy of 'Three Choirs Festival: A History' at the reduced price of £22.50 (retail price £25).


Gloucester 2019 Souvenir Tote Bag

Your last chance to purchase our souvenir tote bag, sporting the cover image used on both the programme book and brochure.


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